France welcomes UN resolution to renew South Sudan sanctions

United Nations – Adoption of the resolution renewing the sanctions regime on South Sudan – Explanation of the vote by France’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Security Council (excerpts)

New York, 13 July 2018


France welcomes the adoption of this resolution, which renews the sanctions regime on South Sudan for one year.

France has nonetheless clearly listened to our colleagues from Ethiopia and Equatorial Guinea and shares their desire for the Council to remain united in support of the political process and the action led by IGAD and the African Union.

This resolution is not intended to harm the IGAD-led negotiations. Its aim is to protect civilians. It allows the establishment of an arms embargo regime, which France has been urging for several years. This embargo, by limiting the flow of weapons into South Sudan, is one of the most important measures this Council could take to protect South Sudanese civilians.

The Security Council, by also adopting individual sanctions against two important military leaders from each side, is sending a very clear signal: impunity in violence perpetrated against civilians and the most basic violations of human rights and international humanitarian law can no longer be accepted. The individuals trying to prolong this conflict, with no regard for their fellow citizens’ lives, must know that they will suffer the consequences.

There will be no real improvement in the South Sudan situation unless the conflict is brought to an end. France is encouraged by recent progress on the political process. It welcomes IGAD’s involvement and asks the South Sudanese parties to finalize as soon as possible an agreement so that weapons finally fall silent and the South Sudanese people can, in an atmosphere of peace, get back to the life they aspire to. Rest assured of France’s resolute commitment to this. Thank you./.

Published on 08/01/2020

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