Pastry chef Guillaume Godin (Restaurant Guy Savoy) has his dessert selected as the “Paris-Londres”

The French Embassy in London and the British Embassy in Paris have chosen the dessert created by pastry chef Guillaume Godin, from Restaurant Guy Savoy (La Monnaie de Paris), as the official “Paris-Londres”

In November 2020, Catherine Colonna, French Ambassador to the UK, launched the culinary initiative “Paris-Londres”, giving French and British pastry chefs the opportunity to create a dessert which would become the gourmet symbol of our entente cordiale. The inspiration for the initiative came from the well-known “Paris-Brest”, originally a cycling race between two French cities, which gave birth to the dessert of the same name.

After receiving many creative, original proposals, the two ambassadors were won over by the flavours and visual aesthetic of pastry chef Guillaume Godin’s creation: an apple tatin with Darjeeling tea mousse, surrounded by sugar dough and decorated with vanilla Chantilly cream. This dessert will become an absolute must at the tables of the French Residence in London and the British Residence in Paris.

In London and in Paris, the two Ambassadors had to make a difficult choice among many outstanding propositions from pastry chefs who participated in this culinary initiative.

For French Ambassador Catherine Colonna, pastry chef Guillaume Godin “brilliantly succeeded in marrying the tastes and cultures of France and the UK by creating this veritable bridge between Paris and London.”. British Ambassador to France, Ed Llewellyn, was also won over by the dessert “which so effectively embodies the links between our two countries on each side of the Channel”.

Behind M. Godin’s “Paris Londres” is a melding of two countries and cultures through flavours such as Darjeeling tea and the way the apple, a seasonal fruit common to both countries, has been prepared. For chef Guy Savoy “this dessert symbolizes the enduring link between our two shores.”

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Published on 29/01/2021

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